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  • Overview: Cirqoid is a printed circuit board prototyping machine, aimed at anyone involved in electronics development. It allows you to produce a PCB of your design right on your desk. No ordering, no waiting, no stencils and you don't have to hold your breath placing a chip with 0.5mm pitch.
  • What does it do for me?: Cirqoid can do isolation milling of your PCB (aka mechanical etching), drill holes, dispense solder paste and even populate the board with SMD components. That's right - complete production cycle of a printed circuit board.


  • How does it work: Cirqoid is a CNC machine. It is designed to be 100% compatible with a simple and easy to use open source CAM software cirQWizard. After you are done with the design of your PCB, you export your PCB design data from EDA software you use in Gerber format. No worries here - Gerber is industry standard and all EDA packages (including popular free software like Eagle, KiCad, etc.) support export to this format. The software will then guide you through all the steps necessary to produce and assemble your circuit board.
  • What will my end result look like?: Here are some examples of PCBs made with Cirqoid.
  • What are all these add-ons?: To be able to better serve customers with different needs, we offer the machine separately from all possible add-ons. Here's how it works: whichever feature you want to use, you you'll need the Cirqoid machine itself. If you want to be able to mill traces and drill holes, you'll need Spindle add-on. If you prefer another way of producing the board itself and are only interested in dispensing or pick and place functions, you won't need one. If you want to dispense solder paste, you'll need dispensing add-on. If you feel stencils are way to go, or you are a wizard of hand soldering - feel free to skip this one. Finally, should you wish to be able to place your SMD components automagically, you'll need a Pick-and-place add-on. If you swear by good old tweezers - do whatever you feel comfortable with. And of course don't forget to check our consumables section to make sure you are fully stocked and as soon as your Cirqoid arrives nothing stands between you and your first PCB. And if this all sounds irresistible, why not take advantage of a complete package offer?