• Focus on the Art
    We'll handle the tech

    DTEV is a full service reseller and consulting firm. Providing coaching to our clients large and small. We make the technology work for your team so you can focus on what you do best, CREATE!

  • Design Artists
    Previsualization & Marketing

    DTEV provides skills and tools that remove the technical complexity to help your streamline your workflow and manage your assets, easily and affordably Whether your a Product Designer, Industrial Designer, or Marketing Professional. DTEV can HELP !
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  • Post Production,
    Broadcast & Motion Graphics

    Moving images and graphics require a specific understanding of the underlying technologies and workflows. The experts at DTEV have over 20 years of experience providing proven solutions.Asset Management, Workflow Support or Shared Storage, We can help.
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  • Computer Graphics
    Animation and Visualization

    The field of computer graphics, animationa and visualization is one of the fast growing dynamic groups of artists. Let our experts help streamline your workflows, manage your assets, and support your technology so you can focus on your art..
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  • Game Artists
    Desktop, Console & Mobile

    Console games, game movie teasers, mobile gaming, and the list goes on and on. Not many tech firms understand the massive number of assets and complex technologies involved. But the Pro's at DTEV do and we are here to help..
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    We Support Artists

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    Design Artists

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    Video Artists

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    CG Artists

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    Game Artists

We specialize in design & entertainment technologies

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    Decades of experience and exposure to a variety of different methodologies, technologies and disciplines enables DTEV to provide solid consulting advice. Our goal is to empower your artists to CREATE!
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    Our team at DTEV also specializes in certain platforms, providing deep expertise to our clients. For our team its not about installing a package, its about making that tool work for YOUR TEAM.
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    Unlike many resellers, DTEV derives our revenue by providing unparalleled service. We are here to help your team run as efficiently as possible. Enabling them to SUCCEED !

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